MSI Interceptor DS200 Gaming Mouse Review

Software & Lights
Now the mouse is plug and play, but if you want to customize anything you’ll need to install or download MSI’s gaming software for the DS200. It can be downloaded here. Once you open up the software the first screen you will be on is “Main”. Here you can program all of the 9 buttons on the mouse, set the acceleration, mouse point speed, mouse scroll speed, mouse double click speed, and the polling rate.


As far as what you can program on to the 9 programmable buttons there are a wide variety of buttons and commands. You can even set a multiple key combo (ALT + F4) or run a program. There is also a full macro manager for those wanting macros for their games. You can also see that there are 5 profiles to customize.


The next tab is DPI and here you can select your five different DPI levels. You do have the ability to unlink the X and Y axis if you want. These five different DPI levels can be auto-switched using the DPI+ and DPI- commands.


Finally we move on to the light tab. Here we can customize all of the lights on the mouse. Since the LEDs are RGB you can select any color that you want. There are three different lighting levels as well as the ability to turn the lights completely off. You also have the ability to turn on and set a breathing speed.


The software works incredibly well and is very easy to use. You can also save and load settings if you want.

The lights on the mouse look great! The MSI dragon logo, scroll wheel, DPI buttons, two accent strips on the sides of the mouse and the ones on the front light up!

MSI Interceptor DS200 Gaming Mouse

MSI Interceptor DS200 Gaming Mouse

The DPI buttons will actually change color to let you know what DPI level you are on. So if they are not matching up with the color you selected this is why.

MSI Interceptor DS200 Gaming Mouse

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