MSI Interceptor DS200 Gaming Mouse Review

Usage & Final Thoughts
I have been using the Interceptor DS200 for a couple of weeks now and I really like it. The thing that I instantly noticed about the DS200 upon using it was the anti-slip coating and the design that allowed my ring finger to sit on the side of the mouse. This gives a great feel and made using the mouse for extended periods of time very comfortable and enjoyable. I feel that is one of the biggest things for a gaming mouse as gamers are going to be using their mice for long periods of time. I had a 3-hour gaming sessions with the DS200 and there was no irritation in my wrist or hand.

While this mouse is not overloaded with buttons, every button on the mouse is fully programmable, so you can completely remap it if you want to. The software gives you the ability to program shortcuts, key combos, media commands, macros and more! I have seen many different mice that have a smaller button beside the left mouse button. And most of the time they are very awkward to use, but with the DS200 the design of the button made it very easy to use. I actually ended up making it my quick weapon switch button in many games. They way I didn’t have to take my fingers off the WASD keys on my keyboard.

The mouse glides very well and the tracking on the sensor is superb. I really did not come across any issues in that department. The weight system is great for people who want a different weight to their mouse in different types of games or can decide if they want a heavy or light mouse. The lights add that extra bling to the mouse and the extra mouse feet as well as the braided cable mean it is going to last a long time.

Now the mouse is made of plastic so if you are looking for something with a metal chassis this might not be the mouse for you, but we feel it still is pretty solid.

Right now the DS200 is selling at my favorite online retailer for $43.35, which is a great price for what you are getting. Overall ThinkComputers gives the MSI Interceptor DS200 Gaming Mouse a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Anti-slip coating
– Ergonomic design
– 9 programmable buttons
– Easy to use software
– Lights up
– Price

– While solid, is fully made of plastic

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