MSI Introduces Dragon-Themed GeForce RTX 40 “AI Generated” GPU Designs During Computex 2024

MSI presented an extensive lineup of GeForce RTX 40 series cards at Computex, featuring two distinct designs: the FUZION series, which includes built-in AIO cooling solutions, and the conceptual “AI Generated Editions.”


These AI Generated Editions incorporate custom 3D-printed elements, like dragon figures emerging from the card, extending beyond merely new shrouds. However, despite their innovative look, these designs pose challenges. The 3D-printed components can obstruct airflow and complicate shipping, making it unlikely that MSI will release these GPUs to the market.


At Computex, MSI showcased three of these concept cards based on the RTX 4060 and RTX 4090 models. Although they are not expected to be released soon, these designs could influence future innovations in GPU aesthetics.


The RTX 4090 displayed at Computex is based on the SUPRIM version, featuring a triple-fan setup and a green color scheme. However, it looks vastly different from the traditional SUPRIM design. This indicates that while the heatsink and fans are from the SUPRIM model, the entire shroud has been replaced with an AI-generated design.


As previously mentioned, MSI is unlikely to release these cards to the market. These concept designs are mainly intended to attract attention at Computex booths. Incorporating AI allowed MSI to use a trendy term and showcase the potential of current generative ML technologies. However, the display lacked details on the creation process, making it appear as though a few 3D-printed parts were simply assembled.