MSI Shows Off MEG 321URX 4K 240Hz OLED Gaming Monitor With “Cheating” AI-assist During Computex 2024

MSI unveiled the world’s first true AI gaming monitor at Computex 2024.

A few weeks ago, MSI also released the MEG and MPG monitors, which have become popular choices, especially compared to the MAG monitor priced at $899. However, the MAG monitor lacks software updates, which, as seen with the MPG series, can add new features over time. For an extra $50, the MPG version is a better choice. There’s also a third option, though it costs nearly twice as much.


The MAG version stands out on its own. Although it shares the same 31.5″ OLED panel with 4K resolution and a 240Hz refresh rate, it boasts support for DisplayPort 2.1 and comes with an AI assistant.


Gaming monitors with built-in crosshairs have been available for many years, but with the growing interest in artificial intelligence, MSI decided to take it a step further. Their latest flagship MEG monitor features “AI Skysight” technology, an AI-powered assistant that monitors health bars and the mini-map, displaying real-time indicators on the screen in certain games.


At CES 2024, where this monitor was initially unveiled, it was demonstrated working with games like League of Legends. MSI claims that the monitor will receive firmware updates to support additional games, although the ease of the update process and the number of supported games remain uncertain. Another confirmed game is Counter-Strike 2. Despite being one of the first models showcased in January, the MEG OLED is already two months behind the MPG and MAG models.


Another feature of the MEG version is the Spectrum Bar, a built-in RGB lighting system that can synchronize with other devices. Reports indicate that the MEG monitor may cost over $1,700, a significant increase compared to the MPG monitor, which already has the same panel and supports firmware updates.

Images: Videocardz