New Technology in Vaping: iSwitch

Vaping has gotten a lot of press over the last few years.  Most of it has been from the anti vaping lobbyists claiming that vape is harmful and addicts children.  First of all, we are not advocating vaping by young children, but would like to discuss a new technology in the world of vaping the iSwitch.

Lets first take a look at this device.  The iSwitch is a wickless vape that has helped revolutionize vaping. The technology which was invested by a company called Vype allows vape liquid from companies like candy king vape juice to be headed and produce glorious vape clouds without needing a wick.  What becomes of this is that there are no dry vape hits.  The big change in technology here is that there is a engineered steel blade that is build into the cartridge which replaces a  coil and wick to allow the liquid to run completely dry and you will not end up with a burn taste in your mouth.  What that means is you get a consistent taste throughout the vape.  This is unheard of in the industry, but now it can be had by anyone.

The device has 3 LED lights that let you know how high the wattage is.  There is 10 W, 15 W, and 20 W, that is easily controlled from the button below.  The instructions are quite simple; the higher the power setting, the more vapour is produced.  Another neat feature of the device is that it comes with Bluetooth which give you the ability to keep an eye on the puff counts over the period of a day.  There is a cool slide mechanism that allows you to easily switch in and out cartridges and the device is small and sleek as well.

In terms of flavoring, there are three.  Virginia Tobacco, Fresh Mint, and Forest Berries are the three flavors that you can choose from.  There are also 3 nicotine strengths 3 mg 5 mg and 8 ml depending on your preference.  The curious thing however is that the device does not use nicotine salts which contain a much higher nicotine content.  Considering the company was one of the pioneers of nicotine salts, it is quite weird that they did not include them with this device offering.  It just may be that they were trying to focus this device as stop smoking tool instead of one that helps give someone as much nicotine as possible.

Overall, the iSwtich is a technological marvel.  It is a new vapor product that brings that new technology to help significantly lower the inhalation of intoxicants as compared with cigarette smoke.  These intoxicants are reduced as much as 99% which is a huge feat.  It is a definite move in helping people who are looking to quit smoking have an alternative and step down from smoking.  As cigarette companies are looking for safer ways for their customers to use their products, the iSwitch is one way that these people can slowly and confidently move away from cigarettes.