NZXT GRID+ V2 Fan Controller Review

Final Thoughts
If there is one thing that NZXT demonstrates again and again it’s that they really know how to continue to fine tune a product. We tested the original Grid+ and found it to be a really good product with a few short sighted concerns. All of that was amended in this version, most notably the ability to attach four pin fans. I was quite impressed as well to find a much more mature CAM 2.0 software. The Grid+ V2 performed great, much as we expected it too. It output to six fans on five channels at varying speeds without any real issue as we expected it too. It was a breeze to install and is nice and slim allowing for maximum compatibility as we expected. What really makes the unit so great it the ability to control it through NZXT’s custom software. There are certainly many hubs that will perform on the same level, some have led’s and other neat tricks; but the inclusion of software control takes this from being a hub to real fan controller. I love my fancy 5.25” bay fan controller for my main watercooled rig, but the reality is that it is basically unnecessary and wastes space when I can do the same thing with the Grid+ V2 for less money. And speaking of money, the Grid+ V2 can be found for as low as $29.99 on the NZXT store site. This is an excellent price for a product that gives you more than just six way (plus some with splitters) fan power.

Typically this is the space that I talk about the downsides to whatever product I’m reviewing. Unfortunately I have nothing negative to comment on about the Grid+ V2.

Overall ThinkComputers would like to give the NZXT GRID+ V2 Fan Controller a 10 out of 10 score!

– Easy installation
– Great fit and finish
– Provides good power to 6+ fans
– Accepts three and four pin fan connectors
– CAM 2.0 is excellent software for fan control and system monitoring
– Good Price

– None