Palit Shows Off GeForce RTX 4070 Spider-Man Edition

Palit collaborated with Italian Extreme Modders to create a unique edition of the GeForce RTX GPU. To accomplish this project, the IEM group utilized the recently launched GeForce RTX 4070 GamingPro. Both the GamingPro and Dual series are components of Palit’s ‘Maker’ initiative, which provides an open-source library of 3D designs for graphics card customization. This platform allows modders and enthusiasts to access pre-made 3D models suitable for easy painting or to create their own designs using Palit’s resources.

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For the IEM project, the selected theme was Spider-Man. Due to copyright issues, Palit and IEM are unable to share the 3D models they used. Nonetheless, if someone possessed the necessary tools, sufficient time, and skill, they could achieve equally stunning results.

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The Spider-Man mod goes beyond just the GPU, as the team also designed a complete system featuring an ASUS X670 motherboard and Ryzen 9 7900X CPU. The outcome is equally as remarkable. Unfortunately, there is no information available regarding how well it performs in Spider-Man games.