Qualcomm President is Impressed by Apple’s M1 Chip

We all know about the deadly combo of performance and battery life that Apple’s 5nm M1 chip offers. This was appreciated by Qualcomm’s President, Cristiano Amon and he also gave a detailed explanation of how this chip’s ability will be the future of computing. We will have to wait to see the efforts by Qualcomm to develop ARM-based chips to compete with the chips by Apple.

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In Cristiano Amon’s detailed discussion on Vergecast, he showed his excitement about Apple’s announcement for the M1 chip while stating that it will help progress the industry

One interesting thing that came out from the discussion is that Qualcomm has announced a chip for future android flagships, Snapdragon 888, but nothing has been announced for laptops. The fastest laptop chip made by Qualcomm is Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 which provides a little performance gain than the predecessor, Snapdragon 8cx released in 2018.

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Moreover, Cristiano mentioned in his discussion that partnership with Microsoft was a good decision but apparently Qualcomm is putting in little or no effort in improving its chips.

The previous statement is proved by the fact that Apple’s M1 Mac mini (unofficially running Windows Virtualization) was able to beat the Surface, Pro X, in a synthetic benchmark run. Let us just hope that Apple’s M1 based MacBooks will motivate Qualcomm to work in this sector.

Via Theverge