Radius Atomic Bass Earphones for iPhone Review

Final Thoughts

When anyone will ask me about these earphones the first thing I will tell them is what a deal. If you look at other earphones like the V-Moda Vibes that sell for $99.99 and the Shure’s E4c-n’s that are $169.99 the Atomic Bass Earphones from Radius are surely a great deal. Unless you are a true audiophile you are not going to want to spend more than $70 on a set of earphones for your iPhone. Many people are just looking for something that is better than the included earphones that come with their iPhone.

The Atomic Bass earphones are really an upgrade to the included earphones that come with the iPhone. The quality of sound, especially the bass is something that is unmatched at the price point that these earphones are being offered at. They also do a great job at isolating outside noise so you can hear your music very well. The inclusion of 3 different earbuds is also nice.

You can get the atomic bass earphones for $49.99 with the in-line microphone / multi-button or just the normal atomic bass earphones for $39.99. To us that is a great deal compared to everything else that is out there. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Radius Atomic Bass Earphones for iPhone a 9 out of 10 score and our Good Value Award!


– Price
– Great sound quality, especially the bass
– 3 different sets of earbuds


– In-line mic is not the best

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