Silverstone ECM24-ARGB M.2 to PCIe Adapter Card Review

Silverstone ECM24-ARGB Overview

top edge Silverstone ECM24-ARGB

The Silverstone ECM24-ARGB is an NVMe M.2 to PCIe X4 SSD adapter card. Essentially, it allows you to run an NVMe or AHCI. The AHCI driver for the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB allows it to support a wide variety of SATA bases M.2 drives. So, if you still have an old 850 Evo M.2 laying around, you can use it with the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB. The Silverstone ECM24-ARGB also supports NVMe M.2 SSDs up to gen 4. The Silverstone ECM24-ARGB is rather small measuring 121 mm x 20 mm x 130 mm with the included heatsink installed. The Silverstone ECM24-ARGB comes with both a full-sized bracket for a PCIe expansion slot, as well as a low profile bracket. This makes the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB a great option if you want to all fast storage to say a small form-factor case or a home theater PC.


The Silverstone ECM24-ARGB has your standard M Key M.2 slot and can support Type 2230, 2242, 2260, and 2280, both NVMe and AHCI M.2 SSDs. Unfortunately, the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB does not support B Key M.2s, so MSATA SSDs will not work. The Silverstone ECM24-ARGB runs at PCI3 X4 and can be run with or without the included heatsink. So, if you’re still running SLI, or just limited on space, you can run the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB without the heatsink. However, the heatsink not only looks good but makes a big difference in temps, more on that later.

At the back of the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB, there is a 3-pin ARGB connector. This connects the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB to the RGB lighting on your motherboard or an RGB controller. When I installed the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB, I daisy-chained it to my RGB fans on my testbench. There are six LEDs on the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB. These six RGB LEDs on the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB are located across the top of the PCB. These LEDs are diffused by a plastic strip on the heatsink.

The attach your M.2 SSD to the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB, there is a small brass anchor that attaches to the PCB with a small screw. There are corresponding holes for each of the different types of M.2s the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB  supports, Types 2230,2242,2260, and 2280 M.2 SSDs.

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB Silverstone ECM24-ARGB adapter card, its time to install our M.2 and attach the heatsink to the PCB. The SSD we installed on the Silverstone ECM24-ARGB  is the 1 TB Inland Premium PCI2 Gen 3 NVMe M.2. The Inland Premium NVMe drive uses the Phison PS5012-E12 controller with  3D TLC NAND and offers read and write speeds of 3200 MB/s and 2800 MB/s.