TeamGroup Announces Its ELITE U-DIMM DDR5-4800 Memory

TEAMGROUP has officially announced the world’s first DDR5 memory module for desktops, TEAMGROUP ELITE U-DIMM DDR5. The product is expected to arrive at all worldwide major EC platforms by the end of June or early July.

TeamGroup ELITE DDR5 2

Back in 2020’s end,  TEAMGROUP made an agreement with the top DRAM wafer manufacturers and started working on DDR5 technology. Since then TEAMGROUP R&D has been consistently working on DDR5 in collaboration with various motherboard manufacturers to ensure the best products.

Upon the product launch, it will be available in 16GBx2 capacity with a 4800MHz frequency and 1.1V CL40-40-40-77 operational voltage, which is compatible with the JEDEC association. In comparison to the standard DDR-4 3200 MHz RAM, the DDR5 is capable of performing better by 50%. The operational 1.1V voltage makes the DDR5 RAM more power-efficient and the minimum noise interference is also ensured.

TeamGroup DDR5

The Elite DDR-5 features 32 banks to improve the IC structure. In order to ensure improved stability levels of DDR5, an on-die ECC (error correction code) is also included in the DRAM IC.

This module is compatible with Intel’s 600 series motherboards.

Via TeamGroup