This Is How Apple’s M2 MacBook Pro Looks From The Inside

Undoubtedly the design of the M2 MacBook Pro was a bit of a disappointment as it failed to bring anything new and exciting to the aesthetics, but some of us were eagerly waiting to see the inside. It seems like that bubble has burst and in reality, we might not see any makeover even on the inside. Let’s take a look at some of the specs on the new M2 MacBook Pro.

The NotebookCheck published a detailed review of the M2 MacBook Pro and because it was able to get its hands on the inside of the aluminum back cover, they have also revealed more on the cooling solution used and the battery specs. All in all, we can even know more about the component placement, thanks to this reveal. At first look, we are clearly taken back to the chassis of the M1 MacBook and it appears that Apple has done little to accommodate more changes to the M2 MacBook Pro other than putting an M2 on it along with a slightly improved RAM. Rest assured, you won’t be getting any major upgrades with the M2 MacBook Pro.

The cable that goes through the middle, covering some part of the battery, also remains the same. The most commonalities were found when iFixit’s teardown of the 2020 portable Mac was put up against the image posted by NotebookCheck. Putting these two side by side, one could see that many other areas along with the cooling solution remained the same.

We are quite disappointed as Apple failed to make some noticeable changes on the M2 MacBook Pro, but we may know the reason why that was the case.

Switching to a new design for a notebook requires a lot of investment into R&D and we are sure that Apple have heavily invested for the mass production of the M2 MacBook Air. We are still waiting for its official launch, but the redesigning of it compared to the M1 MacBook Air means that we will be seeing some drastic changes on the inside too.

Now it makes sense why the M2 MacBook Pro was launched before the M2 MacBook Air; because of design and component similarities, Apple would already have many of the parts in stock.

Via Notebookcheck