Waterblocks For Intel Arc A770 And A380 GPUs Launched By Bykski

Intel Arc GPUs are gradually gaining traction with cooling businesses. Some developed water-cooling blocks quickly, while others took two months. The Chinese have just displayed their own Bykski waterblocks. Bykski currently offers two waterblocks for the A770 and A380 GPUs. Both visuals have completely distinct physical designs, but they also function radically differently. The A770 with 16GB VRAM has six memory modules and a much bigger GPU, whereas the A380 has only two memory modules and a much smaller CPU.

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The waterblock for the A380 by itself is an intriguing concept. Given that the 75W TDP graphics card in question barely needs more than two fans, it’s surprising to see a liquid cooling option made available. However, a rising number of video content providers and gamers are taking advantage of the A380 GPU as a co-processor in their video encoding workflow. It makes sense to submerge all discrete GPUs underwater if those systems were already liquid-cooled.

In comparison to the EK waterblock, which costs €248, the Bykski option is far less expensive. We are looking at a substantially better choice than EK, starting at just €140. This is still pricey when compared to the A770, which sells for roughly €400, but for those who need to cool their cards with liquid, this is the best alternative.

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Currently, the A380 waterblock is available for $190, which is regrettably $60 more expensive than the A380 SKU itself. However, it’s crucial to note that this waterblock is only said to work with GUNNIR A380 GPUs; therefore, it’s yet to be known if it will work with other cards. The GUNNIR card is now selling for $180; thus, the water block is still more expensive in this situation.

Via Bykisk