XSPC Photon 270 Tube Reservoir Review

Final Thoughts
The Photon 270 is a very neat reservoir that caters to the aesthetic senses. Although their first tube reservoir to be brought to the market, XSPC shows that they simply know water cooling. If you’re looking for something unique to set your build apart, this little gem from XSPC could be the ticket. Add in the fact that this unit sells for a respectable $64.99 USD from my favorite online retailer and it makes financial sense as well.

There are a couple of things that XSPC could have done differently. Most obviously is the fill port. It is a long boring process to fill this reservoir due to the restrictive fill port opening. I was glad our loop was so small and required very little water. A real loop would need a lot more. The other thing I would like to see is an acrylic version as opposed to glass. The acrylic is more fracture resistant than glass, and is lighter as well. Overall ThinkComputers gives the XSPC Photon 270 Tube Reservoir an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10 small

– Very unique
– Fit and finish are excellent
– Materials are high quality

– Restrictive fill port
– Acrylic would make a better material than glass

Perhaps you found yourself looking at the build photo’s wondering what rig it is we’ve installed the Photon 270 in? You may have noticed that it’s not our usual test rig. Last October ThinkComputers.org lost one of it’s staff writers, Adam Wilson at the age of 24. It was very sudden and left a big hole for many people. The rig featured in this review is tribute to Adam and will be raffled off in the near future. The proceeds of the raffle will all be given to the family Adam has left behind; his wife, 2 daughters and son.

For more information and to follow the build in progress click on the link below:

Erakith, A Tribute