You Can Now Grab Intel Arc A750 8GB Limited Edition For Just $199

In light of NVIDIA and AMD’s upcoming release of budget-friendly GPUs, Intel recognizes a chance to reduce the cost of their A750 GPU.

Intel’s Arc A750 Limited Edition showcases their reference design, which incorporates a scaled-down ACM-G10 GPU. This particular graphics card is currently positioned as the third-highest model within Intel’s Arc Alchemist lineup. Intel has made significant marketing endeavors to assert that their GPU surpasses rival options like the GeForce RTX 3060. According to Intel, the RTX SKU is comparatively slower and delivers inferior performance for its price.

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To recap, the A750 GPU was initially released at a price of $289 in October of last year. However, the company recently made the decision to lower the price to $249 a few months ago. As it turns out, even this reduced price was subject to further adjustment, and now gamers can find this GPU available for just $199. This marks the first time an Arc A7 card has fallen below the $200 price point.

At present, Intel’s official store on Newegg is offering this card for $199.99, following a $50 discount. It remains uncertain whether this price change is permanent, as Intel has not officially announced this deal through their official channels. Additionally, it’s worth noting that only the A750 GPU is being discounted, while the A770 16GB and A750 8GB models continue to be priced at $329 and $349, respectively, which some may find debatable.

It is evident that Intel is actively addressing the recent launch of the NVIDIA RTX 4060 Ti and the upcoming launch of the AMD RX 7600 this week. However, it is probable that Intel is more concerned about the latter GPU. The RTX 4060 Ti is priced at twice the amount and has received largely unfavorable feedback from reviewers. On the contrary, the RX 7600 is rumored to be released at $269, although AMD has yet to confirm this information. It would be beneficial if reviewers incorporate the A750 into their testing and assess the performance per watt for each GPU.

Via Newegg