AOC CU34G2X a 34-Inch Ultrawide 144Hz Monitor Has Been Unveiled For $500

The ultra-wide monitors are raking up the ladder of choices among the masses and the 32:9 aspect ratio is often rated as stunning. The ultrawide monitor provides a fully immersive view and gives a quite similar experience except that you don’t use the HMD. It also provides a better user experience for racing games as compared to the typical tri monitor system.

The CU34G2X is a 34-inch ultrawide monitor with 4k resolution. It also has a jaw-dropping refresh of the rate of 144Hz along with 1 microsecond response time.

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As per the general trend of VA panel technology in ultrawide monitors, the same trend has been followed for this specific model, but a 1500R curve design has also been provided. AOC has claimed frame-less design which but keep in mind that it is not similar to the bezel-free concept as bezel and edge can be found on the screen.

The stand of CU34G2X has a 100×100 VESA mounting and a wide stand that features height adjustment, tilt, and swivels to provide a perfect viewing angle.It also has pretty good specs along with a good monitor stand. Its 4k screen, 144Hz refresh, 1ms response time, and the VA panel will surely provide immersive gaming experience with extremely less ghosting.

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AMD Freesync has also been provided to prevent screen tearing, but no mention of the Freesync range can be found in technical specifications. It also has a brightness of 300nits.

A three-years of warranty is also provided. The warranty also includes a Re-Spawned warranty for their panel. The first year of warranty provides full accidental coverage. It is available on Amazon for $500.

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