AVADirect AMD Raven Ridge Gaming System Review

Initial Setup
The system is pretty much ready to go out of the box with Windows installed and everything. One thing that AVADirect did overlook was that while Corsair’s iCue was installed it was not configured properly. So when we initially powered the system on the two RGB LED strips did not light up at all. We had to go into iCue and enable them. While this was easy work for us, someone who might not know what they were doing might wonder why they are not turning on.

Once we downloaded CPU-Z and opened it up we can confirm all of the hardware in the system.

info1 info2 info3 info4

The first thing I always do on a pre-configured system is run a stability test. This will ensure that the system can handle anything we throw at it. We ran AIDA64’s system stability test with GPUs enabled.


After running the stability testing for 30 minutes we concluded that the system was definitely stable and temperatures were not all that bad.

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