AVADirect AMD Raven Ridge Gaming System Review

Final Thoughts
This is actually the third pre-configured system we’ve reviewed from AVADirect and the experience with them has been very enjoyable. While our system was configured for us, their website is very easy to navigate so if you wanted to customize this system to your liking you can. You can pretty much switch out all the parts if you want and when you are doing so they will let you know the upgrade or downgrade cost right there on the screen, rather than at the end like some other system builders do.

The system came to us very quickly and upon initial inspection everything was in place and we did not find any scratches or marks on the case or components. The system came with an accessory box that had all of the extras for the different components in the system. The system was completely ready to go out of the box with Windows already installed and everything. The best part was that there was no bloat-ware on the system, it was completely clean. The worst part about getting a pre-built system is taking the time to uninstall things you don’t need, but with AVADirect you don’t have to worry about that. One thing that I did find out was that the RGB strips installed in the system were not configured, so when I powered the system on for the first time they did not light up at all. This might be confusing to some, even though all it took was going into Corsair iCue and enabling them.

As far as the system goes AVA Direct put together a really great gaming system for 1080p and 1440p gaming, you could even stretch that into 4K gaming if you turned the settings down. The RTX 2070 is a very powerful card and can shred through many of the latest titles at high frame rates. One thing I also liked was that this system is not all that large so it makes it easy to take with you to a friends house or LAN event.

This system as configured is $1550, but remember you can configure it to your liking. The system is also backed by a lifetime labor warranty and a 3-year part warranty so you definitely have piece of mind when buying from AVADirect. Check out this system or any of AVADirect’s gaming system’s on their website!

– Ready to go out of the box
– Easy to configure on the website
– Fast shipping
– Great system for 1080p and 1440p gaming
– Lifetime labor and 3-year parts warrany

– RGB strips not configured in iCue

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