AVADirect AMD Raven Ridge Gaming System Review

Overall System Testing
To test the overall system performance we are first going to start with PCMark 8. We will be running the “Home”, “Work”, and “Creative” benchmarks.

pcmark8 home

pcmark8 work

pcmark8 creative

The next test is PassMark, which will run a full system benchmark.


To get a good idea of memory performance we run AIDA64’s cache and memory benchmark.

aida mem

For processor performance we run SiSoftware’s Sandra Processor Arithmetic and Processor Multi-Media benchmarks.

sandra proc sandra mult

Another way to get a good idea of processor performance is the new Cinebench 20 benchmark.

cine 1

Finally we run CrystalDiskMark on the Kingston A1000 drive installed in the system.


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