AVADirect AMD Raven Ridge Gaming System Review

Video & Gaming Benchmarks
To give you an idea of video and gaming benchmarks we will be running this system through the same gauntlet of benchmarks as we do with Graphics Cards. So to start that off we have 3DMark and VRMark. We will be running the following benchmarks in 3DMark: Time Spy, FireStrike Extreme, and FireStrike Ultra. In VR Mark will will be running the Orange Room benchmark.

3dmark 2

Next we have SuperPosition. Here we will be running the following presets: 1080p High, 1080p Extreme, 4K Optimized.


Now it is on to game testing. We will be running these game tests at 1080p, 1440p, and 4K resolution:

Ashes of the Singularity Escalation: DX12, Built-in benchmark, High graphics setting
Battlefield V: DX12, Ultra graphics setting
The Division: DX12, Built-in benchmark, Ultra graphics setting
FarCry 5: Ultra graphics setting
Metro Last Light Redux: Quality: Very High, SSAA: On, Texture Filtering: AF 16X, Motion Blur: Normal, Tesselation: Very High, VSync: Off, Advanced Physx: Off

First up are the 1080p results.


As you can see this system was easily able to get through these benchmarks with very high frame rates, most noteable was over 90FPS in The Division, Metro, and Battlefield V. The Ashes of the Singularity result was a bit odd to us, which might be a bottleneck from the processor.

Next up we have 1440p.


At 1440p we were able to get over 60 FPS in many titles, but in others you might need to turn your settings down at bit for better results.

Finally we have 4K testing.


4K results are well below 60 FPS for most of our games. Now if you wanted to game at 4K you would have to turn your settings down pretty dramatically.

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