Colorful Teases Intel B760 Motherboard With 10G Network Card For Internet Cafes

It might not be widely known, but Colorful offers an extensive range of Intel motherboards. Although the company hasn’t released any AMD-based motherboards, there are numerous options available with CVN, Meow, BattleAx, and iCafe designs. The iCafe series, in particular, is a special line from Colorful tailored for the highly popular Internet Cafes in China.

IMG 1986

It seems the company has identified an unmet niche: an entry-level board with robust networking capabilities. Utilizing Intel’s latest B760 chipset, the new Micro-ATX board is reportedly the first to offer 10G networking via an SFP+ connector. Additionally, it supports 2.5G Ethernet.

Named the iCafe B760M-PLUS MAX D5 V20, this board features a 14-phase DrMOS (65A) power design. According to the company, it can effortlessly support Core i7 processors and incorporates server-grade premium materials. The PCB boasts a 6-layer low-resistance design, with the VRM fully covered and 6 mm heat pipes for cooling.

IMG 1985

This board is clearly designed for prolonged gaming sessions rather than overclocking, hence its enhanced durability. It’s uncertain if the 10G network will be beneficial for Internet Cafes. However, these cafes often use local game installation caches (such as those for Steam), and the ability to quickly transfer files from a local server to fast NVMe storage could be valuable for some gamers. Despite this, the maximum theoretical speed is still just 1.25 GB/s, much slower than modern SSDs. The company has not yet confirmed its availability or pricing, though it is advertised as ‘launched’.

Source & Images: Videocardz