DeepCool AK500 Zero Dark CPU Cooler Review

Final Thoughts

I really like that DeepCool has come out with “Zero Dark” versions of their CPU coolers. This gives these coolers the complete black treatment with a black heatsink, heatpipes, fan, and even the fan clips are black. Many people want that sleek black look for their build and these coolers accomplish just that. So now you can get the normal versions of the coolers, a white version, and a Zero Dark (black) version to fit the theme of your build perfectly.

Beyond the color change this is a pretty good cooler overall. In terms of performance it sits right in the middle of the pack of our test group (13 air coolers), which is quite impressive considering this is a single-tower, single-fan cooler. It is slightly louder than other coolers we’ve tested, but again is pretty close to the middle of the pack. It is nice that DeepCool does include a low-noise adapter as well.

Even though this cooler is a bit larger it is quite easy to install. Installation took us about 10 minutes and the included directions were very easy to follow.

I’ve talked about this in other DeepCool reviews, but I really do enjoy the styling of their products. So many CPU coolers, especially air coolers really don’t look all that good, but DeepCool really has nice attention to detail here.

Right now you can pick this cooler up at our favorite online retailer for $54.99, which I feel is a really good price! Overall ThinkComputers gives the DeepCool AK500 Zero Dark CPU Cooler a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10

– Sleek styling
– Good overall performance
– Easy installation
– All-black look
– Price

– A bit louder than some coolers in our test group

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