Intel Alchemist Arc A730M Reviewed, Outperformed by RTX 3060M

Thanks to the newly released driver for the discrete Intel Arc Alchemist graphics cards, some Chinese content creators have been able to give more accurate performance results on the Arc A730M GPU.

Golden Pig Upgrade has published a video which shows a comparison of the Arc A730M and GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop graphics. The video also shows a complete review at IT-Home.


The results of the review might vary as it is based on the river which is not official. Both reviews show synthetic performance hence the values will not be too far apart.

The RTX 3060 graphics still easily falls behind the A730M despite getting a new driver. This doesn’t have any effect on synthetic performance. As far as gaming is concerned, the A730M and RTX3060M GPUs are compared based on the same Intel Core i7-12700H platform.

ARC A730M METRO EXODUS videocardz

It is important to note that the Arc A730M isn’t the flagship GPU. It features a memory of 12 GB and out of 32 has 24 Xe-Cores. This 12 GB memory is spread across a 192-bit bus. It has a maximum TDP of 120W.


Considering the gaming performance, NVIDIA’s GPU outperforms Intel GPU in almost every test. According to the tester, the Intel card isn’t optimized and the worst part is that some games do not even start. Intel really needs to work on their drivers if they are serious about taking on NVIDIA heads on.

A730M vs RTX3060

Via IT-Home, VideoCardz