Intel Arc Gaming Graphics Cards Will Offer Overclocking Through Official Drivers

Today The Vice President and General Manager of Client Graphics at Intel, Roger Chandler, hinted about Intel’s plans to provide overclocking capability through the official driver.

Intel XeHPG DG2 2

A blog post on Medium states Intel has plans to offer an overclocking tool through the official driver user interface. This suggests we can expect Intel to provide the same features as AMD’s Radeon Software, which allows users to modify clock speed, power settings, and even fine-tune fan curves. Currently, it is unclear to what extent Intel will officially support overclocking.

Besides the overclocking support, the drivers will have built-in hardware for video encoding. This will allow users to capture and stream from the software.

Intel ARC banner 1200x387 1

Moreover, Roger assured us about Intel’s dedication to fully support the latest DirectX 12 Ultimate API. This means that gamers can expect hardware acceleration for ray tracing through DXR along with support for Variable Rate Shading and Mesh Shading. Ray Tracing.

Intel has confirmed that its Arc graphics cards codenamed Alchemist will launch in Q2 2022. However, Intel has not confirmed whether the desktop and mobile variants will be launched simultaneously or not.

Via Wccftech