Intel Core i7-8700K Processor Review

CPU Testing Continued
Now we are going to move over to SiSoftware’s Sandra benchmarking program. Our first benchmark is the Processor Arithmetic. Higher scores are better here as well.

sandra proc

Moving on to Sandra’s Processor Multi-Media benchmark. Higher scores and better here as well.

sandra mult

The Persistence of Vision Raytracer is a high-quality, Free Software tool for creating stunning three-dimensional graphics. POV-Ray includes a standard benchmark scene. We run the multi-threaded or All CPU benchmark. The benchmark gives us the elapsed time in seconds it takes to complete the rendering of the scene. Lower times are better here.

pov ray

We round out our CPU testing with CINEBENCH R15 64-Bit. This benchmark renders a photo-realistic 3D scene. All of the rendering is done by the CPU. At the end the software gives you a score. The first test is multi-thread the second is a single-threaded test.

cine cpu

cine single

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