Intel Core i7-8700K Processor Review

Overclocking on “Coffee Lake” is much the same as on “Skylake”, so if you are familiar with Intel overclocking you should easily be able to do some custom overclocking on your “Coffee Lake” chip. Also many motherboards will have built-in overclocking profiles in the BIOS which will save you even more time.

Now we are not going to go into great detail on overclocking, stay tuned for a follow-up article, but you want to set your core ratio for what you want to hit. We are going to shoot for 5.0 GHz, so we set all cores to 50. Now you can set your Vcore voltage to Auto, but I would suggest manually tuning it for the best thermal results. We were able to pull off a 5.0 GHz overclock at 1.35V within the thermal limits of our Kraken X52 cooler.

8700k oc2

So how does overclocking effect performance? Here are a few tests running the CPU at 5.0 GHz on all six cores.

sandra proc oc

pov ray oc

cine oc

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