Intel Core i7-8700K Processor Review

Comparison & Value
So how far have we come since Intel’s Core i7-6700K? This processor was released in 2015 and was Intel’s flagship mainstream desktop processor. In January of this year we got the i7-7700K, and today we have the i7-8700K. How different are these processors performance-wise? Well using the i7-6700K as a base-line we’ve calculated the performance difference in a few multi-threaded tests, take a look.

sandra proc diff

pov ray diff

cine diff

So as you can see going from quad-core to a six-core design really improves performance. When you compare the i7-6700K to the i7-7700K there is only about a 7% difference in performance, but comparing the i7-6700K to the i7-8700K there is a 42% difference! This is the type of performance improvement we’ve been looking for from Intel for a while.

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