KLEVV Announces DDR5 CRAS XR RGB Gaming Memory

KLEVV has recently announced the latest addition to its memory lineup,  DDR5 Standard and Gaming Memory up to 6400 MT/s.

The all new DDR5 CRAS XR RGB memory has been specially designed for Intel 12th Generation ‘Alder Lake’ platform and has been QVL tested with leading motherboard brands.

KLEVV announces DDR5 CRAS XR RGB memory up to 6400 4

KLEVV DDR5 standard desktop memory (U-DIMM) will be supported by SK Hynix chips. The standard memory will initially launch in a 16GB capacity with JEDEC standard frequencies of 4,800MHz CL40-40-40 featuring a power-efficient of 1.1V. Modules of 32GB and standard memory for laptops (SO-DIMM) will be launched later.

The DDR5 series continues the same design as that of the current CRAS XR RGB. A white color tone has been added to its RGB lighting effects making it ideal for those looking to add a hint of intense color into their gaming builds. KLEVV DDR5 overclocking/gaming memory series will offer an extremely high speed of up to 6,400MHz.

KLEVV announces DDR5 CRAS XR RGB memory up to 6400 4

The PC ecosystem will soon be adopting this latest memory standard. The new standard offers larger capacities and faster speeds in comparison with the previous generation DDR technologies. The new upgrades are incorporated for the first time; Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) and On-Die Error Correcting Code (ODECC) technology on the DIMM. The company has modified its memory designs to give improved stability, more power efficiency, and effective overclocking ability.

KLEVV announces DDR5 CRAS XR RGB memory up to 6400 1

The exact specifications of the series will only be revealed at the launch. The production of KLEVV DDR5 standard memory is expected to begin by the end of 2021. On the other hand, the DDR5 overclocking/gaming memory series will be introduced in the beginning of the year 2022.