MSI Reveals Its Flagship MEG Z690 GODLIKE Motherboard

MSI has showcased its flagship motherboard for Alder Lake Series for the very first time. MEG Z690 GODLIKE motherboard has bagged 1 out of 16 CES 2022 Innovation Awards and its picture has been included in CES 2022 Innovation Honoree Award promo.

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The motherboard is among the MEG series which represents the top-tier lineup of MSI. The MSI Z690 GODLIKE is an E-ATX form factor design, but comes in a considerably large size of 305x310mm, unlike other E-ATX LGA1700 motherboards. Such large size is only common in HEDT or workstation platforms, and is not usually seen in mainstream CPU series such as Alder Lake.

Wccftech reports that the motherboard will be equipped with a 3.5β€³ touch screen. This is the biggest screen to be added to any motherboard. The LCD will be displaying most of the CPU metrics such as CPU frequencies, customized graphics, and voltages.


The features of this flagship motherboard include a 22 phase VRM design and up to 6666 MHz DDR5 memory support. The company has not revealed any information disclosing the launch date and the pricing of the motherboard as of now. But, the flagship motherboard will certainly come with a big price tag.