OCZ RevoDrive 350 480GB PCI-E Solid State Drive Review

Solid state drives are all but common now. Almost everyone I know has a solid state drive for at least an OS drive. Most solid state drives people are using are SATA-based drives. While these drives do provide much faster speeds than traditional hard drives, they are still limited by SATA bottlenecks. To overcome this bottleneck many companies are using the PCI-Express bus. OCZ’s RevoDrive series has been around for a good while now. With each revision it seems like the drive is getting better. Today we are taking a look at the most recent revision the RevoDrive 350. Available in capacities ranging from 240 GB – 960 GB this PCI-Express solid state drive boasts sequential read and write speeds of 1800 MB/s and 1700 MB/s respectively. OCZ is labeling the RevoDrive 350 as a Workstation product and given its performance it will set you back much more than your typical solid state drive. The 480 GB version that we are taking a look at today sells for $809.99 at my favorite online retailer. If you are looking for one of the fastest solid state drives and want pure performance this is one of the drives you should be looking at. Let’s drive in!

Special thanks to OCZ for providing us with the RevoDrive 350 480GB PCI-E Solid State Drive to review.



The RevoDrive 350 comes in OCZ’s retail packaging. On the front there is a photo of the drive and a list of some of the main features.

OCZ RevoDrive 350

On the back of the package it goes into detail on some of those main features.

OCZ RevoDrive 350

Opening up the box and getting everything out we have the RevoDrive 350 and a mini CD that has your manual and drivers on it.

OCZ RevoDrive 350

For a full unboxing and overview of the RevoDrive 350 be sure to check out our video below.

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