PNY Duo Link USB 3.2 Flash Drive Review

If you are an iPad or iPhone user you know how much of a pain it is getting files to and from your device if you are a Windows user. I’ve actually never been a fan of how Apple handles the file system on iOS devices. Well PNY wants to make things a bit easier for you with their Duo Link USB 3.2 Flash Drive. This sleek little USB drive features a USB-A port on one end and a Lightning connector on the other. This allows you to plug it right into your iPhone or iPad to easily add storage to these devices as well as transfer files. Let’s jump in and see what this drive can do!

Special thanks to PNY for providing us with the Duo Link USB 3.2 Flash Drive to review.

Price at time of review: $37.79 (Amazon)


pny duo link specs


The Duo Link comes in your typical blister pack that you would find at a retail store. On the front we can see the drive itself and some of the main features are listed.

PNY Duo Link USB 3.2 Flash Drive

On the back there is a full list of features in a handful of different languages as well as information on the iOS app.

PNY Duo Link USB 3.2 Flash Drive

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