SilverStone Fara R1 Pro Case Review

Silverstone Fara R1 Overview

silverstone Fara R1overview

The Silverstone Fara R1 is a mid-tower chassis with a tempered glass side panel and a full mesh front panel. The Fara R1 comes in two colors, either uniform black or white. For this review, we received the black version of the Silverstone Fara R1. The Silverstone Fara R1 measures 207 mm wide, 446 mm in height, and 390 mm in depth. The total volume of the Silverstone Fara R1 is 37 liters and has a weight of only 5 kg. I’d say that for a mid-tower, the Silverstone Fara R1 is on the smaller side. The Silverstone Fara R1 has an interior specifically designed to fit higher-end graphics cards up to 322 mm with fans installed in the front. However, as we learned once we started the build, the 322 mm doesn’t allow for a radiator and fans in the front. That being said, the Silverstone Fara R1 does have multiple cooling options.

The front IO on the Silverstone Fara R1 is located down the right side on the front panel of the case. In addition to the power and reset button, there is also an LED indicator. The Silverstone Fara R1 has three USB ports on the front panel IO. This consists of two USB 3.0 and a single USB 2.0. Lastly, there is a single 3.5 mm hybrid audio jack. This just means the single jack can be used for a microphone or a headset. Like the Silverstone Fara B1 that we recently reviewed, the Fara R1 has the same Silverstone logo centered, near the bottom of the front mesh panel.


As we mentioned previously, the Silverstone Fara R1 has a tempered glass side panel. The tempered glass side panel is held in place by four thumb screws with rubber washers. The rubber washers are there to help prevent the glass from breaking if the thumb screws get over tightened. As for the rear panel on the Silverstone Fara R1, it’s your traditional rear panel that slides in place and is held there by two thumbscrews.


Looking at the back of the Silverstone Fara R1, there is a spot for a single 120mm fan that can be adjusted to various heights, This is a very helpful feature, especially if you plan to install a radiator on the top of your Silverstone Fara R1. Next to the exhaust is a spot for an IO shield. Being a mid-tower chassis, the Silverstone Fara R1 has seven expansion slots for PCIe add-in cards. At the bottom is a spot to mount a standard PS2 (ATX) power supply. Like the Fara B1, the Silverstone Fara R1 uses standard 6/32 screws in the expansion slots. A bracket held in place by a single thumbscrew holds a bracket in place over the expansion slots screws.


Looking at the top of the Silverstone Fara R1, we see a removable, magnetic dust filter. This filter has a very fine mesh and is easy to clean. the entire outer edger of the top dust filter is lined with magnets to hold the filter in place. In addition to the full front mesh panel and the top dust filter, there is an additional dust filter located under where the power supply is mounted. However, this filter is not magnetic like the top dust filter. Instead, this filter is held in place by several cutouts on the case. Like the top filter though, the bottom filter is a fine mesh and easy to clean. I do like the mounting solution for this filter better than if Silverstone had used a magnetic filter on the bottom. This solution holds the filter in place better.

Once the top dust filter is removed, we can see the mounting holes for the top of the Silverstone Fara R1. You can fit either two 120 mm fans or two 140 mm fans on the top of the Silverstone Fara R1. The mounting holes are not your standard screw holes. Instead, they are elongated to allow you to adjust your fans or radiator to either the left or the right.

Looking at the bottom of the Silverstone Fara R1 Pro, we see the four feet that keep the case up off the floor or desk. The feet are made of hard plastic and can be removed if need be. Once the dust filter is removed from the bottom we can see the air intake for the power supply. m as well as the mounting brackets for the hard drive cage inside the Silverstone Fara R1 Pro.

Silverstone Fara R1 side view angled

Now that we have gone over the outside of the Silverstone Fara R1 Pro, it’s time to take a look at the inside of the case.