SilverStone Fara R1 Pro Case Review

Final Thoughts

Silverstone fara R1 conclusion

Much like their Fara B1, I very much enjoyed my experience building in the Silverstone Fara R1 Pro. Overall, the two cases are rather similar. However, I prefer the design of the Silverstone Fara R1 slightly better. I prefer the design of the front panel of the Silverstone Fara R1 over the Fara B1 as it’s a more simplistic design. I’m also a fan of the full mesh front panel as it offers better airflow than a simple mesh strip on the side of a solid front panel. Like the Fara B1, the Silverstone Fara R1 is more of a compact mid-tower. I’ve grown fond of the smaller mid-tower cases as I’m running out of desk space. This system used to live in a Thermaltake Core P5. So the smaller case was a big plus for me as it saved space, while still looking good. I also really liked the implementation of the front panel connectors of the Silverstone Fara R1. having the front panel down the front side gives the Silverstone Fara R1 a very distinct design that looks great and helped make the cable management a little cleaner.

Silverstone Fara R1_2

The Silverstone Fara R1 Pro definitely achieves excellent airflow. Looking at the thermal images we didn’t notice anyone spot that gets excessively hot. The full mesh front panel was a big part of both the cases aesthetic of the case that I loved. However, this also helped big time with airflow and keeping temperatures down. The magnetic dust filter on the top of the case adds to the aesthetic, and it’s easy to clean. Although I understand why the filter on the bottom wasn’t magnetic. I assume because it would always fall off. But I wasn’t a huge fan of how it had to be installed. I would have preferred a sliding filter that locks in place. Even if it added to the cost a bit. Like the Fara B1, the Silverstone Fara R1 Pro has a single hybrid audio port. I really like this small feature. Fewer cables are always better.

silverstone Fara R1 completed build

The Silverstone Fara R1 Pro is a great option for anyone looking for a great mid-tower case that won’t break the bank. With the Silverstone Fara R1, you can still put together a great looking build using high-end hardware, and save some cash at the same time. Which you’ll need if you can even find a new graphics card these days, Now there are a few things I’d like to see done differently on the Silverstone Fara R1. For starters, the bottom dust filter. As I mentioned before, I’d rather see either a magnetic filter like the one on top or something a bit more rigid that can slide in and lock in place. It’s 2021 now, but yet we’re still seeing USB 2.0 ports on computer cases. I’d much rather see that USB 2.0 be a Type-C port, But with that said the Silverstone Fara R1 is a budget case so some corners must be cut. At the time of this review, you can get the white version of the Silverstone Fara R1 with a tempered glass side panel on Amazon for $87.42 which is an odd number. Either way, if you’re in the market for a solid case for under $90 USD, Silverstone has got you covered with the Fara R1 Pro. With its great design and solid price point, the Silverstone Fara R1 Pro has earned itself an 8 out of 10 from

rating8 10


  • Light Weight
  • Room for up to 4 SSDs
  • Nice Aesthetics
  • Great Air Flow
  • Plenty of room for cable management


  • Bottom Dust Filter
  • No Type-C Ports