ASRock Radeon RX 6600 XT Phantom Gaming D 8GB OC Graphics Card Review

Final Thoughts

This is our first look at a Radeon RX 6600 XT and AMD’s whole thing with this card was making the perfect card for 1080P gaming and I think that they have achieved that. In our testing we saw the card produce well over 60 FPS (closer to 100 FPS) at 1080P and over 60 FPS at even 1440P. Suffice to say if you are playing at 1080P you are definitely covered and if you want to bump things up to 1440P almost all new titles with high settings enabled should get over 60 FPS. That also means you could push higher frame rate monitors at 1080p in esports titles.

One thing the RX 6000 series cards have going for them over the previous generation is ray tracing. This is AMD’s first generation of graphics cards that has ray tracing hardware or as they call them Ray Accelerators. The 32 Ray Accelerators on this card just don’t seem to be enough to really make ray tracing viable at 1080p, the performance hit is quite a lot. NVIDIA’s 3000 series cards definitely have the advantage here, but keep in mind you don’t need ray tracing to enjoy games.

ASRock’s RX 6600 XT Phantom Gaming D 8GB OC sits at the top of their RX 6600 XT product stack and is their highest overclocked card as well. With clocks of 2188 MHz Base, 2428 MHz Game, and 2607 MHz Boost this is going to be one of the highest overclocked RX 6600 XT’s you are going to find. While you won’t notice a massive difference the overclock will get you a few more FPS in games.

The look and design of this card is very premium compared to others. You have a great triple fan cooling solution that does a great job. It had no problem keeping the GPU nice and cool, while still being very quiet. This card was among the best in terms of temperatures and noise levels. On top of that you have a full-coverage metal backplate and RGB lighting. The one issue I have with the design is that because the PCB is so short the power connection ends up being in the center of the card.

The MSRP of this card is $499, which is a $120 over AMD’s MSRP of $379. I already feel like AMD’s MSRP on the card is a bit high, so ASRock’s premium price is what it is I guess. Like all graphics cards good luck trying to find this card in stock anywhere. The GPU or more broadly the silicon market is so bad right now finding anything is tough. A quick browse of Amazon shows not a single RX 6600 XT available for sale.

At the end of the day this card is going to be one of the best RX 6600 XT’s you are going to find. Overall ThinkComputers gives the ASRock Radeon RX 6600 XT Phantom Gaming D 8GB OC a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10

– One of the highest overclocked RX 6600 XT’s out there
– Great cooling and noise levels
– Sleek design & RGB lighting
– Full-cover metal backplate
– Over 60 FPS at 1080p easily

– Power connection in the center of the card
– NVIDIA beats AMD on ray tracing performance
– Pricing (not ASRock’s fault) and overall availability

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