Geil Polaris DDR5 Memory Is Now On Available For 350 USD, OCPC DDR5 Memory Listed Too

Geil’s DDR5 memory with the capacity of 32GB (2×16GB) kit is up for grabs on Newegg for 350 USD in black, white, and red colors. The launch of Intel 12th Gen Core Alder Lake, the first desktop platform to support the new memory standard is expected just after three weeks of listing of this memory.

Geil DDR5 Polaris Memory 3

Geil Polaris RGB memory is not overclocked and runs on specs of JEDEC DDR5-4800 (PC5 38400). Both single-channel and dual-channel kits, having capacities up to 64GB (assumptively 2x 32GB) are available.

Each variant of the three different color options available contains an RG strip on the top of each module. There is a single list available for all the variants of the Polaris DDR5 memory from Geil by leaker @momomo_us, who was the first to discover the entry. Each module operates on the same frequency with a CAS Latency timing of 40 clocks.

Geil Polaris DDR5

Pista and Xtreme, two memories of DDR5, with specs of JEDEC reference, are now being listed by OCPC. 2x8GB and 2x16GB configurations are also being listed for this memory with a speed of 4800 MT/s and a default voltage of 1.1.